What's New at PRCVI?

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Introducing Braille Bites!

A new online series featuring recipes for early literacy activities and produced in partnership with Braille Literacy Canada. New episodes posted every Thursday until World Braille Day 2023!

Photo shows a TSVI and a student working together

Portal for the Expanded Core Curriculum

Outlines each ECC skill area with connections to the British Columbia K-12 curriculum as well as links to PRCVI and web-based resources.

A student wearing a lei of artificial flowers sits behind a Perkins braillewriter.

BC Regional Braille Challenge 2022

This year's celebration of braille reading and writing will be held remotely throughout February across BC. Theme to be determined - check back soon!

Braille Bites

Braille Bites is a series of videos and resource guides for anyone who is supporting blind and low vision learners to explore and gather information about their worlds using the sense of touch. Each episode is a short video presented in the style of a cooking show with each activity written as a recipe! Videos and resource materials from our first season are posted below, as well as how you can connect with us on social media via TwitterInstagram, and TikTok

The Expanded Core Curriculum

Nine essential skill areas directly impacted by blindness and visual impairment. Students require specialized tools and strategies delivered through direct instruction and collaborative support from a qualified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments.

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