Recently Added to the PRCVI Library (February, 2019)

Photo of tactile puzzle world diagrams that accompany the Swift Playgrounds app

This page features new titles recently added to the PRCVI Library. Registered Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments can request these titles on behalf of students by logging in to their borrower account. A complete list of recently added items can be found on the main page of the online catalogue.

Cortical Visual Impairment: Advanced Principles

Photo of the cover of Cortical Visual Impairment: Advanced PrinciplesCortical Visual Impairment: Advanced Principles by Christine Roman-Lantzy is a collaborative effort by several experts that dives deeper into topics covered in Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention. The book covers topics such as literacy, social skills, orientation and mobility, and additional disabilities.

Find Cortical Visual Impairment: Advanced Principles in the PRCVI Library.



Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1

Apple has recently released tactile diagrams representing the various puzzle world levels in their Swift Playgrounds app. The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and introduces users to coding through a series of interactive puzzles. The tactile diagrams that accompany this app are now available through PRCVI.

Find Learn to Code 1 in the PRCVI Library.




Photo of the BrailleBuzz showing a row of yellow braille keys at bottom and yellow alphabet buttons at top against a black bee-shaped backgroundBrailleBuzz is a new instructional toy designed for young braille learners to help them develop skills such as finger dexterity, listening skills, and phonics. BrailleBuzz has three modes: a phonics mode with sound effects, a keyboard mode where letters and dot numbers are announced, and a letters mode where dot numbers are announced when the embossed letters A-Z are read and pressed.

Find BrailleBuzz in the PRCVI Library.



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About the author

Jen Jesso

I have worked in various roles in the field of visual impairment since 2007. In addition to working as a teacher of students with visual impairments, I recently completed coursework to become an orientation and mobility specialist. I have been fortunate to work with the fantastic team at PRCVI since 2014.

I enjoy many aspects of my role at PRCVI, but highlights include working with teachers of students with visual impairments and their students on outreach visits and working on PRCVI initiatives and projects.

Outside of work, my interests include reading, computer programming, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

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