VoiceOver Guides

With many students using iPads to access online curriculum resources, we have created some guides to how to use VoiceOver features that may be helpful.

Two guides cover how to use and customize the VoiceOver rotor. The rotor feature allows for rapid navigation around the screen, rather than having to move through every on-screen item searching for the needed content.

VoiceOver Rotor Overview (PDF)
VoiceOver Rotor Overview with a Braille Display (PDF)
VoiceOver Rotor Customization (PDF)
VoiceOver Rotor Customization with a Braille Display (PDF)

The other guide covers how to turn on VoiceOver's caption panel. The caption panel displays in print exactly what VoiceOver is speaking. This can be very helpful in remote learning situations where the student's microphone may not pick up what VoiceOver is saying but where a teacher would still like to have access to this information.

VoiceOver Caption Panel (PDF)

About the author

Jen Jesso

I have worked in various roles in the field of visual impairment since 2007. In addition to working as a teacher of students with visual impairments, I recently completed coursework to become an orientation and mobility specialist. I have been fortunate to work with the fantastic team at PRCVI since 2014.

I enjoy many aspects of my role at PRCVI, but highlights include working with teachers of students with visual impairments and their students on outreach visits and working on PRCVI initiatives and projects.

Outside of work, my interests include reading, computer programming, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

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