Episode Nine - Tactile Scavenger Hunt

Exploration of object characteristics is an important skill for early literacy development. This not only encourages the learner to explore the features of objects, but it helps to build the vocabulary of touch – describing the tactile features of these objects and being able to communicate with others about how these newer touch experiences connect to familiar textures and objects. A scavenger hunt also helps to encourage gross motor exploration and can be used as a means to work on a range of Orientation and Mobility skills.

This episode can be viewed in the video player above and is also posted on the PRCVI YouTube channel where you will find links to other resources as well as the comments thread for this video.

Linked here is a PDF version of the Tactile Scavenger Hunt recipe.

Key ingredients

  • Objects with varying characteristics, for example:
    • A flat credit card
    • A small, short USB flash drive
    • A long, thin pen
    • A large, hollow container with a lid
    • A soft, flexible facecloth

Mixing it together

  • Explore each object and discuss its characteristics. Is the object hard, soft, large, small, and so on.
  • Choose one of the unique characteristics of an object.

Topping off the recipe

  • Go on a scavenger hunt to each room in the house: discuss what activities happen in each room and what sorts of objects are found in each room.
  • Find examples of objects that match the chosen characteristic in each room.
  • Play a game by dividing objects between multiple players and asking other players if they have an object that matches a certain characteristic—if not, go on a mini scavenger hunt around the room to try to find one.
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