Episode Two - Colouring Screen Board


Colouring is an activity that helps build finger strength and dexterity, which are important skills for youngsters who will be gathering information with their hands and learning to read braille. Using a screen clipboard, paper and crayons, your child will be able to create textured drawings and feel the lines and shapes of their work.

This episode can be viewed in the video player above and is also posted on the PRCVI YouTube channel where you will find links to other resources as well as the comments thread for this video.

Linked here is a PDF version of the Colouring Screen Board recipe.

Key ingredients

  • Clip board
  • Metal window screening
  • Duct tape

Mixing it together

  • Cut a piece of metal window screen, 35 cm x 35 cm.
  • Cover all the edges with duct tape. Be careful as the cut edges of the screen are sharp.
  • Tape the screen onto your clipboard. Be sure to fold the screening tightly around the edges of the board. Ensure that the screening is tucked under the clip.
  • Cover all four edges on the screen across the back of the clip board with duct tape.

Topping off the recipe

  • Clip a plain paper of paper or a page from a colouring book flat against the screen board. Grab some crayons and get set to colour!
  • Your child can sign their artwork with a large print, tactile, or braille name sticker and place it on the refrigerator for the whole family to enjoy!
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