Additional Resources

On-Line Resources

Many websites provide physical literacy ideas and activities now. BC Blind Sports may be able to provide suggestions how possible adaptations. If something looks interesting and you wish further information, please contact us!

“Active for life” has many great activities and ideas that created for use around the house or yard. Many are easily adaptable to students with a visual impairment.

For a variety of available adapted equipment, try

Braille Bookstore - this online store has items for sport and general physical activity available

Adapted Equipment Suggestion

Hula Hoops!

One of the most versatile and inexpensive tools to use.  Find ones with sound makers in them.

They make great targets for throwing things at or through. Hang them from a tree or a doorframe.

Hula-hoops range in sizes and many colours. Lay them on the ground as stepping-stones for hopping and jumping safely. Many of our upcoming skills will use them. They are available at most dollar type stores and big box stores as well. Get a few! Get some bright colours! Great for skipping with as well! A great way to localize equipment and starting points for activities


Bean Bags! Beg, borrow or make beanbags. They are useful for many different types of activities. They can also be colourful and bright

The material of beanbags can have a textured surface to be tactile in order to help differentiate for those with limited vision. Beanbags are a great tool for learning to throw or toss objects. They are easy to grip and pickup. They are soft and pliable making it easier to catch when learning. You can get them in different shapes and sizes.

Beanbags are excellent when used for throwing at or tossing towards a target. As an example, either using hula-hoops that are hanging in the air or laying on the ground.  

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