Lesson Four - Running Part 4

Fundamental Skill

More Running! Side steps and crossovers

Flexibility and strength help make running easier which makes it more fun! We have some drills and exercises that will help you run more comfortably.

  1. Sidesteps

Sidesteps are where you slide your feet apart and back together will help you get more flexible and stronger in the legs. Go in both directions, gradually increasing the distance travelled. You can have the student hold on to an object like a plastic hockey stick or hoop to improve confidence in the movement. As in previous lessons, hold the head up looking straight ahead. If they are able to move confidently, you can have them swing their arms across the body as they move. Try hopping on two feet to vary the drill or use an agility ladder/rope. Hula-hoops laid side by side or chalk marks on pavement can work as well

  1. Crossovers

Crossovers are on foot stepping over the other in a continuous motion sideways in one direction. Try both directions, again holding on to a stick, cane or other object to promote balance.  Work on lifting the knees higher as you progress to promote knee lift. Advanced individuals who are moving confidently can try it along an agility rope/ladder or up a slight slope

Teaching points

Keep the head up and level

Use your arms for balance as they swing on the side step

Use a cane or stick for the individual to hold on to as they move

Have them hold on to a handrail and slide along (on a gentle slope)

Emphasize the knee lift on the crossover

Equipment: Agility ladder

An agility ladder will help with all the drills we have talked about so far. It is also a way to contain the exercise in a safe area or provide some visual clues to those with partial sight. Those with no vision can use it as a tactile guide for learning the distances etc. A ladder can be made with skipping ropes or even foam noodles or squares.

On-Line Resources (YouTube)

Agility ladder drills



Adapted Equipment:


Frisbees come in all sorts of sizes and material. Learning to throw a Frisbee is a lifelong skill that is great for all ages.  There are soft foam ones, large plastic ones, some with whistles, colourful ones and Frisbees with texture. Plastic or paper plates can be used a substitute.

A Frisbee can be tossed, stepped on or used as target. They can be steppingstones or large pucks for floor or ice hockey. Frisbees might be used to carry items in a fun relay or to play Frisbee golf using hula-hoops as a target.

Small safety cones

Small plastic cones from the dollar store are an excellent tool for many activities. Cones are useful as targets for throwing, goal posts for games of kicking, targets for Frisbee golf or Boccia or bowling pins. A great use is to help outline play areas for safety reasons. They are noisy when tapped with a cane or stick. You can put colours, shiny tape, flashing lights or bells on them to help with location.

For Further Information and Resources, please contact

Mike Lonergan

BC Blind Sports and Recreation

mike@bcblindsports.bc.ca 604-325-8638

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