Lesson One - Learn to Run!

Lesson One

Fundamental Skill

Learn to run! Being able to run efficiently is a skill that will affect many different types of physical activity. It will also help build strength and fitness allowing one to participate and enjoy activities. You can do this around the house or in the yard. One of the most difficult things is teaching someone to lift their knees when running. Two activities can help improve that.

  1. Marching drill

Begin with marching on the spot lifting alternating knees. You can reinforce this by having the individual hold their hands out in front and have them hit their hands with the knees. An alternate method would have them hold a hockey stick or broom in front and hit that with their knees. The second phase would be marching forward with very small steps. The third phase is moving slowly forward at quicker pace

  1. Stair climbing

A great way to build the strength is do go up stairs with an exaggerated lift or up a small slope or  hill, always coming back down slowly in a regular motion.

  1. Games

Make a game of it by counting steps or doing it by time. Use a timer, do it to music!

Teaching points

Be light on the feet

Land on the balls of the feet

Keep your head up!

Do not look down at the ground or the floor (it does not move!)

Increase the time and distance progression over the lesson and days

Arms should swing slightly back and forth

Right knee up-Left arm forward (bent at elbow with the thumbs sliding by your hip and in an upward arc.)

Use hockey sticks or something similar to promote arm swing by having the student grasp one in each hand. Stand either in front or behind the student and hold the sticks in each hand

The instructor can then initiate and control the movement of the arms

Some samples of the movement available on-line:

Running Drills to Build Running Strength - High Knee [YouTube; 0.49]

High Knees Running Form Demonstration [YouTube; 1.00]

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