Lesson Three - Running Part 3

Fundamental Skill

More Running (again I know! However, running is a big part of successful physical activity)

We want to strengthen running skills even more! Let us add Giant steps and backward running

  1. Giant steps

Taking giant steps will help lengthen the stride length and knee lift. You can exaggerate the marching step by using small blocks or objects to step over and use hula hoops to step into, gradually moving them farther apart. Chalk marks or similar markings on the ground are another way to guide the steps. Try taking two steps up a staircase as a way to enhance the concept of big steps

  1. Backward running

This is a good way to increase the flexibility needed for efficient running by promoting lifting the feet and knees. Start by walking and progress to very slow running backward. Knee lift does not have to be high but must allow feet to plant on the balls of the feet and not shuffle

The purpose of this lesson is to increase the speed and add continue to use the earlier movements of fast feet marching, and butt kicks we introduced.

Teaching points

Light on the feet

Land on the balls of the feet,

Keep the head upright and still

Try to do a time and distance progression as a way of increasing strength.

Arms should swing slightly right knee up left arm forward (bent at elbow with the thumb sliding by your hip and in an upward arc.

*Continue to keep up the marching drills and other drills as well!

Videos of Drills

Backward Running – Form Drills [YouTube; 0.22]

Running Technique Drills & Exercises: Running Backwards [YouTube; 0.37]

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