Lesson Two - Running Part 2

Fundamental Skill

Running part 2

Efficient running is a skill that has an impact on many physical activities

The ability to run smoothly also helps build strength that helps to ease participation and enjoyment games and actions in a physical activity

Let us add to this skill.Ā  You can do this around the house or in the yard. Our first lesson was trying some drills such as marching on the spot lifting alternating knees.

Now we want to increase the speed and add two more movements to the development of the running motion

  1. Rear end kicks or Butt kicks šŸ˜Š.

Student kicks heels back up towards the backside alternately of course! Head up facing forward and arms moving gently back and forth as the marching drill. Move forward taking very small steps. You can vary the speed to enrich it

Move outside on the grass. Maybe try going up a slight hill. Scuffing the feet is ok

  1. Fast Feet or Quick feet.

Have the student not lift their feet too high but rather quickly tap their feet in a quick motion, on the balls of the feet, moving SLOWLY forward. Again keep the head up and landing lightly on their feet not slamming down too hard

Teaching Points

Emphasis is quiet movement

Stress the quickness of the steps

Small steps is the goal

Keep the head up facing forward

Arms should be swinging at same rate as the foot movement

Videos of drills

Fast Feet [YouTube; 1.26]

Butt Kicks Running Form Drill Demonstration [YouTube; 0.27]

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