Braille Correspondence Program for TSVIs and Educational Assistants in British Columbia

The Course Information Package and Forms are available on this page.

PRCVI Media Consent Form

In order to use photographs and/or videos of a child or use the child’s materials for publications such as resource guides, brochures, information or training on the SET-BC, PRCVI or ARC-BC websites, and presentations in educational workshops or conferences, a release form must be signed by the parent or guardian.

PRCVI Media Consent Form (PDF)

PRCVI Referral for Eligibility of Vision Resources Package

There are three parts to the package:

Part 1 is the "Referral for Eligibility of Vision Resources" which includes:

A. Student Information 
B. Clinical eye report dated within the last two years 
C. Authorization for Release of Information from the parent / guardian
D. Referral submitted by info

Part 2 is the "Certification of Eligibility for Vision Resources" which includes:

E. School / District information 
F. District / Independent School Authorization

Part 3 is the "Consent for Use of Media and/or Student Materials" Form and this is optional; referrals will still be accepted without it.

Please send to PRCVI by one the following methods: scan and email to, fax to 604-261-0778 or send via mail.

PRCVI Referral for Eligibility of Vision Resources Package - Revised October 2016 (PDF)

PRCVI Referral for Eligibility of Vision Resources Package - Revised October 2016 (Accessible .doc format)

PRCVI Vision Resources - Alternate Format Loan Form

In addition to requests placed online through the library catalogue, PRCVI accepts orders that are faxed by filling out the form provided in the link below and faxing it to 604-269-0495. Please remember to fill in as much information as you can to ensure prompt delivery.

PRCVI Vision Resource Alternate Format Loan Form (PDF)

PRCVI Vision Services Catalogue - Request a New Title

If you can't find a title in the PRCVI Library Catalogue, you may complete this online form. We will contact you shortly to let you know whether we will be able to fill your request.

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