Braille Bites

Bite-sized recipes for big fun and early development of
tactile exploration skills!

Braille Bites is a series of videos and resource guides for anyone who is supporting blind and low vision learners to explore and gather information about their worlds using the sense of touch. Each episode is a short video presented in the style of a cooking show with each activity written as a recipe! Videos and resource materials from our first season are posted below, as well as how you can connect with us on social media via Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

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Winter Shorts


Braille Bites Season 1

Photo of Adam wearing a white apron with the Braille Bites logo. He is pointing down with index fingers on both hands at ingredients that are out of frame.

Welcome to Braille Bites!

An introduction to the series, including the background of the project as well as what you can expect each week until World Braille Day 2023. 

Photo of a paper growth chart spread out on a table top

Episode 1 - Paper Growth Chart

With just a few adaptations to a growth chart, young children can use touch to keep track of how much they have grown!

Photo of Daphne on the Braille Bites kitchen set. She is wearing a white apron, facing the camera, and smiling

Episode 2 - Colouring Screen Board

Make any drawing into a textured masterpiece. Grab a few key materials and some crayons and get colouring!

Photo of two hands holding cards with foam shapes during the fishing activity. A large red pail is in the background.

Episode 3 - Magnet Fishing Game

With a pole, some line, and some magnets, you and your learner can go fishing for some tactile exploration fun! 

Adam stands in front of a kitchen counter. He is wearing a white apron with the Braille Bites logo and an excited look on his face. He is holding a fabric bag decorated with dots and there is a cutting board and two metal mixing bowls on the counter in front of him.

Episode 4 - Magic Bag

Put a little magic into your tactile discrimination and exploration activities with this easy recipe using household items!

Photo of two hands holding a metal baking sheet. There are matching discs covered with various textures affixed to the baking sheet with magnets.

Episode 5 - Tactile Sorting Game

We now move to exploring surfaces with fingertips. We only need some magnets, a baking sheet, and some fun textures!

Adam stands in front of a kitchen counter. He is wearing a white apron with the Braille Bites logo and holding a piece of braille paper. There is a stick glued across the page with wooden beads glued above and below the stick as the basis for a tracking story.

Episode 6 - Early Tracking Stories

Now that we are exploring surfaces with fingertips, let's try following a line with a cool story and neat materials to explore!

Two hands display a six cup muffin tin. Each cup in the tin contains a different material. There are paper tubes, Cheerios, and wooden beads for stringing.

Episode 7 - Stringing Beads

We now move on to dexterity. It's amazing how much fun we can have with some beads and string - but don't stop at beads! 

Photo of Jen wearing a white apron with the Braille Bites logo. She is standing in a kitchen in front of a counter. On the counter is a baking sheet with balls of play dough. In her outstretched hand Jen is showing a lizard shape that she has made with blue play dough.

Episode 8 - Shapes and Textures

Let's keep building those fine motor skills for tactile exploration. Join Jen as she kneads, stamps, cuts, and rolls away!

An array of objects are placed on a wooden cutting board. There is a plastic container, a face cloth, a credit card, a pen, and a USB flash drive. Two hands demonstrate the various characteristics of the objects at the outset of a tactile scavenger hunt.

Episode 9 - Tactile Scavenger Hunt

Join Jen on a tactile scavenger hunt where we're searching for objects with a particular set of tactile characteristics. See how many you can find!

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