Introducing Braille Bites!

About Braille Bites

The concept for Braille Bites came from conversations between braille users and teachers of visually impaired students around supporting parents and caregivers of preschool learners who are blind or have low vision. We then connected with parents and caregivers who told us that activity ideas to promote early literacy development were great, but that they needed to be short, snappy, and easy to follow.

This is what inspired us to create Braille Bites - early literacy activities shared in a cooking show format as "recipes." Each recipe provides a rationale, ingredients (materials), and instruction and is presented in a 3-5 minute video with an accompanying guide. New episodes will be posted each week via this portal on the PRCVI website until World Braille Day - January 4, 2023. 

On behalf of our production team at PRCVI and Braille Literacy Canada, we hope you find these recipes useful and that they inspire you and your learner to cook up some fun! 

Season One Production Team

Content developed and presented by:

  • Daphne Hitchcock - President, Braille Literacy Canada
  • Jennifer Jesso - Outreach Coordinator, PRCVI
  • Adam Wilton - Program Manager, PRCVI

Media produced and edited by:

  • Colton McClaflin - IT/Multimedia Specialist, PRCVI

Additional video work by:

  • Caitlin Rassenti - Alternate Format Production Technician, ARC-BC
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