Lightbox Story Hour!

Note new times starting in April 2021:
9:30 AM on the second Thursday and 1:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month! 

The Lightbox Story Hour is an interactive session for students who use lightboxes as part of their regular literacy and/or sensory efficiency programming. Content for the lightbox stories is selected based on the student's interests and motivations, as well as what is known about their functional vision profile. It is intended for any student with a visual impairment that requires literacy materials be adapted on five key dimensions/visual features:

  • Colour
  • Contrast
  • Complexity
  • Size
  • Movement

For more information on the lightbox as a tool for literacy access and how to create your own story, please see this page on the Paths to Literacy site. 

Sample Lightbox Stories

Each month there will be a new set of stories to share. In order to ensure that stories are student-directed in terms of content, please email Adam with some info on your student's favourite stories, characters, colours, movement patterns, sounds, etc.!

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff

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