Resources for Teachers

PRCVI creates and curates a number of resources for educators serving students with visual impairments. Please see the topic areas below as well as our portals devoted to the Core and Expanded Core Curricula. 

The Core Curriculum

The Expanded Core Curriculum


Resources on specialized assessments for students with visual impairments as well as resources devoted to adapting assessments for meaningfulness and validity. 

Digital Accessibility

Resources for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments to promote digital accessibility and inclusive design for learning materials and digital workflows. 

Support for Classroom Teachers

Resources geared towards classroom teachers with students with visual impairments.

Board/Authority Authorized Courses

Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) courses are developed by school districts or independent schools to meet local community needs. These ECC-focused courses have been developed by the PRCVI outreach team in consultation with BC TSVIs and O&M specialists. 

Visual Conditions

This page contains an extensive list of eye conditions with information about each accompanied by references.

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