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In partnership with the BC Vision Teachers' Association, the PRCVI outreach team holds a monthly forum for TSVIs and O&M Specialists who have questions about PRCVI service delivery or have suggestions/comments. We will also keep this forum open for general discussion around issues that are pertinent in our professional community.

Join us on the third Thursday of every month from 3:00-4:00 PM PST.  We'll have the lines open!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Topics included:

  • Beach theme for the BC Regional Braille Challenge - Friday, February 21 at UBC!
  • Upcoming Corel Draw workshop for EA/Braillists and Transcribers - Feb 19-20 at PRCVI! Registration sent to TSVIs on Feb. 17
  • Getting Together with Technology - AT consumers get together and share tips, advice, and skills on assistive technology. There is a BC group that meets regularly. 
  • The connection between e-text (DOCX) and EPUB files on ARC-BC. TSVIs can use e-text files as a way of familiarizing students to navigation and layout features that are common to both file types (e.g., headings, tags, producer's notes). 

Past Topics:


Topics discussed:

Topics included: Teaching early concept development, assessment materials available from PRCVI, and teaching O&M. There will be no PRCVI Forum sessions during the summer, so we hope everyone has a great break. See you again in September!

Topics included: Teaching environmental concepts in the playground (O&M), updating low vision devices available from PRCVI, a new resource to support music braille learning (available in UEB), using Building on Patterns - Pre-K with students working on foundational literacy goals (available from PRCVI). Special thanks to our in-studio guest, BC VTA President Marilyn Rushton. 

Topics included: Psychoeducational assessment for students with visual impairments, building responsive socio-emotional/mental health supports, transdisciplinary teams and case management roles for TSVIs. 

Topics included: Engaging reluctant braille readers, connections with the early intervention community, federal grants in post-secondary, and a few AT questions.

Topics included:

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