PRCVI Loans Policy - Shipping to Homes

Dear BC Administrators of Inclusive Education,

We hope that you are healthy, safe, and in good spirits. In these unprecedented times and with our colleagues working to provide continuity of learning for students with visual impairments, our team at PRCVI has been working to be able to offer teachers of students with visual impairments (TSVIs) the opportunity to have some PRCVI library materials shipped directly to students' homes. 

As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a new situation for our team and we need to make an addition to our Loans Policy. Currently, school districts, independent schools, and education authorities are responsible for the return of PRCVI library materials and, after every effort is made to recover items, are billed in order to replace any lost or damaged library materials.  

What will be available for shipping to homes:

  • Learning materials (e.g., textbooks, novels in large print and braille format)
  • Low vision devices (e.g., magnifiers, monoculars)
  • Small kits and some 3D models (e.g., flash cards, tactile clocks)
  • Games and activity sets (e.g., braille Scrabble, soccer ball with bells)

What will not be available for shipping to homes:

  • Any kits/resources with components that are worn on the body (e.g., visual impairment simulator kits).
  • Large kits (e.g., Tactile Town, adapted science equipment)
  • Braille literacy programs and related materials (e.g., Building on Patterns, Mangold System)
  • Perkins braillewriters
  • Professional materials (e.g., assessment kits, professional texts) 

We are asking you, as school/school district/education authority administration, to acknowledge that the same understanding that exists for shipping to schools be applied to shipping to home addresses while students are learning at home as a result of social distancing measures. Please see the online form below - in lieu of a print/sign/scan hard copy form. PRCVI will send a confirmation email ASAP to the email address provided. 

Please contact Adam (Program Manager) directly with any questions or for more information

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