Place September 2018 Student Orders ASAP

Please start touching base with your students' schools to find out what texts they will be using for the next school year. There are a lot of new textbooks being released by publishers to align with the new BC curriculum and we are anticipating an extremely busy year for our alternate format production staff.

New titles for production need to be requested ASAP:

If we do not have the title or the alternate format your student needs, please submit a PRCVI Request Form for New Titles. A high school textbook can sometimes take 6 months or more to transcribe into braille and up to 2 months to produce in large print or digital accessible formats. The sooner we know a text is needed, this helps us to prioritize our production work-flow. All requests are subject to textbook availability, budget, staffing and time considerations. If a new production request does not come until September, we can't guarantee we will be able to do it.

Note: New braille materials will be transcribed in Unified English braille (UEB) format. Any new production requests for materials in English braille American Edition (EBAE) or Nemeth format, for students in grades 11-12, will be considered on an individual basis.

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