Episode Twelve - All About Me!

Your child’s self-knowledge makes for an engaging and highly relevant story! They have lots of things they know about themselves and their family and can record it in a book that is predicable and easy to read as they take a step towards reading.

This episode can be viewed in the video player above and is also posted on the PRCVI YouTube channel where you will find links to other resources as well as the comments thread for this video.

Linked here is a PDF version of the All About Me recipe. 

Key ingredients

  • A ½ to 1 inch binder
  • Folders with easily accessible pockets
  • Recipe cards
  • Braille labeller and/or black felt pen
  • Real objects or symbols that represent the object or event (let your child choose the objects or symbols)
  • Self-adhesive Velcro dots and self-adhesive laminating sheets

Mixing it together

  • The content of your book depends on what is important to your child, the place they live, the people and the things around them. Your child could include things that they like and things they don’t like. Here is an example of how the book might begin:
    • This is a book about me.
    • My name is... (Place a name card in the folder pocket.)
    • I have a sibling... (I have a brother or sister, I have a mom, a dad, a grandparent.)
  • Other topics may include: I have a pet..., I live in..., I like..., I like to..., I don’t like...
  • This is a book about me. If appropriate, add an unbreakable mirror to the last page, so that the child can look at themselves.

Topping off the recipe

  • This is a book that you and your child make together, in stages. It doesn’t need to be completed in one go but added to as life around your child expands.
  • In the pocket, add in something that is associated with the person, the place, and the important things. For instance, I have a mom, might include a bracelet like the one the mother always wears. Or I have a brother, might include a small toy that replicates the activity that is important to the brother. Be creative!
  • Attach the file card with the sentence in print and braille on the outside of the pocket.
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