Marine Science Camp 2019

Photo shows two pairs of hands holding sea stars

Photo shows a group of students exploring a rocky seashore.In BC, we are lucky to be surrounded by a rich abundance of nature that provides many opportunities for scientific exploration. Students with visual impairments can flourish in science curriculum when it is designed with accessibility and meaningfulness in mind.

Students had an opportunity to take advantage of this direct access to the natural environment when they attended the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre for five days of exploration and learning.

This unique learning experience, the Marine Science Program for BC Students with Visual Impairments, took place from March 31 to April 5, 2019. Students had an opportunity to learn with accessible materials, complete lab activities, participate in beach walks, and go whale watching.

In addition to PRCVI, the program had many other sponsors. BC teachers of students with visual impairments and orientation and mobility specialists also attended to support students’ learning. One teacher commented, “What a tremendous program. I wish I could bring every student on my caseload.”

“I have new found respect for seaweed and learned that they are not a plant. They are their own thing,” one student participant commented. Another wrote, “I felt refreshed and calm as I let the ocean waves come against my boots. I got a feeling that is hard to explain, but I only get it once in a blue moon. I also enjoyed collecting the garbage off the beach as I was doing something good for the environment.”

Photo shows a group walking along a forest path.Photo shows a student and a teacher exploring a totem pole.

Marine Science Program in the Media

A number of excellent media pieces have been produced by Accessible Media Inc. on the Marine Science Program. The video below details one student's journey to the program and the importance of accessible and meaningful experience to support her learning. 

AMI also produced a profile on the Marine Science Program, sending a reporter and a film crew along for all the fun and learning!

About the author

Jen Jesso

I have worked in various roles in the field of visual impairment since 2007. In addition to working as a teacher of students with visual impairments, I recently completed coursework to become an orientation and mobility specialist. I have been fortunate to work with the fantastic team at PRCVI since 2014.

I enjoy many aspects of my role at PRCVI, but highlights include working with teachers of students with visual impairments and their students on outreach visits and working on PRCVI initiatives and projects.

Outside of work, my interests include reading, computer programming, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

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