Learning Braille Through Play: LEGO Braille Bricks

Photo of stacks of LEGO Braille Bricks on a grey base plate. Each stack is made up of bricks for a braille letter/number, operation sign, or composition sign. Brick colours are green, red, blue, yellow, and white. 

Here at PRCVI we love braille, and we love LEGO! We've blogged about accessible LEGO kits and using LEGO to support ECC instruction before. So we were excited about the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of LEGO Braille Bricks recently!

On October 3, Monica from CNIB Frontier Accessibility and Marie and Marc from LEGO Braille Bricks came to PRCVI to deliver a workshop on LEGO Braille Bricks to TSVIs in Metro Vancouver. Braille Bricks are an innovative (and incredibly fun!) tool for teachers of visually impaired students to use with beginning braille learners.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to learn about the extensive collection of resources and activities LEGO has created to support the use of Braille Brick. We had an opportunity to try some of the activities ourselves, both individually, in partners, and in a large group. The activities are all designed to not only support early braille literacy but also incorporate other areas of concept development and the expanded core curriculum. The LEGO Braille Bricks site lists an incredible selection of activities covering a wide range of skill areas. We had the opportunity to try some of them in the workshop, including:

In addition to these braille- and literacy-related activities, LEGO braille bricks can be used to support many areas of the ECC.

Thanks to Marc, Marie, and Monica for the opportunity to participate in such a fun and engaging professional development opportunity. If you are a teacher of visually impaired students and would like more information about LEGO Braille Bricks, reach out to CNIB Frontier Accessibility - Discover LEGO Braille Bricks.

About the author

Jen Jesso

I have worked in various roles in the field of visual impairment since 2007. In addition to working as a teacher of students with visual impairments, I recently completed coursework to become an orientation and mobility specialist. I have been fortunate to work with the fantastic team at PRCVI since 2014.

I enjoy many aspects of my role at PRCVI, but highlights include working with teachers of students with visual impairments and their students on outreach visits and working on PRCVI initiatives and projects.

Outside of work, my interests include reading, computer programming, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

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